Little Inventors

Between 15th September and 15th November 2019, we invited young people aged 8-12 across The North East to take part in the Pioneers Energy challenge.

15 young inventors and their schools across Tees Valley, Sunderland, and Northumberland were chosen to join the Little Inventors Pioneers programme. Between January and June 2020, these pioneers got to develop their idea further and become part of bringing it to life with the help of makers and experts, before showing it in a special exhibition in Tees Valley!

Visit the online exhibition here!

Get making with cardboard artist Lottie Smith!

Calling all Little Inventors! You have thought of an invention idea, drawn it, and now you want to take it to
the next step - take inspiration from Little Inventors Magnificent Maker and cardboard artist Lottie Smith and make your own prototype!

Pioneers inventor's log

We have developed the Inventors log to allow your little inventors to develop their idea further!!
This log has activities that children can complete in their own time, or to continue their invention journey at school
- More about your idea: a self-evaluation of their invention
- What’s the story: Write a story for your invention
My invention comics: another way to tell their story!
- Swap it up: extend your invention to other users
 as well as top tips and further activities such as a profiler and mind map for when they are ready to think of new ideas!

Pioneers Inventors log - Prototyping your idea!

Now that you have had a chance to think about your idea a bit more, it's time to get to the next time and start bringing it to life! Taking your idea from 2D to 3D is another great way to understand how your invention could work in real life. Creating a model using cardboard or recycled materials can help you refine your idea, and might even change how you think about it! Have a go!


The Pioneers energy challenge resource pack

In this resource pack, you will find two PowerPoint presentation. The first introduces the Energy challenge, what energy is, why it matters, looks at our human history with energy and challenges young people to invent better ways to make, use, store or stop wasting energy.  The second presentation offers a look at different sources of energy. Two activity sheets are provided as well as an invention sheet.  A resource guide with suggested activities and timings is also included, as well as curriculum links and learning outcomes.

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